Sophie OttavjClinical Psychologist

06 95 89 00 11
Les Ulis, downtown

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In the first session, we will get to know and learn how to trust each other. We will define the best way to work together on your concerns.
Each interview, face to face, lasts 45 minutes and is adjusted according to the rate we defined (once per week for example)... That way, we can walk towards the unknotting of a complex situation ; or go through a painful period (mourning, separation, health issues, redundancy) ; or decrypt certain obstacles of your life.

Address : Résidence Les Millepertuis, Bâtiment B2, 91940 Les Ulis
Phone Number : 06 95 89 00 11
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• Master's degree, clinical psychology & psychopathology – Aix-Marseille University
• Bachelor's degree, developmental psychology – Pacific Oaks University, California