Sophie OttavjClinical Psychologist

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Les Ulis, downtown

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Joining our specific competencies

Each patient experiences his or her illness in a peculiar way; dichotomy between body and mind can hinder the effects of a cure in the sense that mental and emotional complexity may confront to pain and suffering. Thus a patient consults his doctor for a symptom that can also be a motive to consult a psychologist.

During childhood, health may be affected by anxiety, infantile fears, psychological conflicts and avoidance of emotional suffering.
Based on my experience of working with young children, therapies use tools such as play, drawing and clay in order to sustain the expression of the inner way of thinking, thus demonstrating fears that need to be overcome.

In an office with three speech therapists, I am willing to work with professionals in different fields in order to create a network of competencies and address the patients' concerns.

Master's degree, clinical psychology & psychopathology – Aix-Marseille University
Bachelor's degree, developmental psychology – Pacific Oaks University, California
Résidence Les Millepertuis, Bâtiment B2, 91940 Les Ulis
ADELI number: 919306316