Sophie OttavjClinical Psychologist

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Children Therapy Adults Therapy Professionals

Helping children to grow

From conception to puberty, the child growth goes through different critical phases that might affect the psychological development. The latter is closely tight to the child's physiological growth and environment.
Children can express how they feel through their play, drawing and clay modeling. We work together to better figure out what prevent them from growing, mainly their fears and emotions that can be difficult to handle. Imagination will help them to thrive.

• Children's fears, anxiety, nightmares
• Learning difficulties
• Aggressiveness, anger
• Timidity
• Violent or jealous behaviors
• Hyperactivity
• Sleeping issues, enuresis, encopresis
• Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)

Teenagers Therapy

As a turning point between childhood and adulthood, the teenage years may be overwhelming; questions about identity, life's meaning and future shake the familiar references. The physiological changes due to puberty affect the psychological balance, thus dealing with new questions might need some professional support.

• Learning difficulties, lapse of concentration
• Aggressiveness, anger
• Risk behaviors (stealing, fugue)
• Emotional downsides (after situations of harassment, racket)
• Hyperactivity, stress, anxiety
• Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)
• Depression, suicidal ideas
• Addictions (alcohol, drugs, video games, social networks)
• Deceiving relationships